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Bloodborne Hackers Find Way To Fight Two Hidden Bosses

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Bloodborne’s chalice dungeons offer hundreds of thousands of possible crypts to explore. Dedicated players have found lost enemies and keep looking for more. Thanks to dataminers searching the game’s files, a new group of dungeons have been found containing developer test areas and unused bosses.

Earlier this month, dataminers finally managed to unlock Bloodborne’s files and began sifting around for missing content and hidden secrets. They initially found a collection of cut NPCs and apparently unused bosses. After a month’s worth of snooping and exploration, players have found locations in the game where some of these beasts can be fought.


Chief among these intrepid players is Zullie the Witch, who uncovered the glyphs that can reach the hidden content. Glyphs are premade world states that players can use to find specific dungeons. One of the largest discoveries was found at glyph “sikgc3sm.” The dungeon contains an unused variant of the Moon Presence boss. The Moon Presence is the true final boss of Bloodborne and can only be fought after finding three hidden items. This version appears to be an unused final form of the boss.

One of the more curious bosses located in the game’s code is a violent dog creature called the Great One. Zullie discovered it at glyph “arkhv2vs,” where it can be fought in a half-complete boss arena. Both this dungeon and the Moon Presence dungeon don’t have lanterns, which allow players to return to the game’s hubworld. To exit, players must jump into an endless void in the boss room. While players can explore these dungeons at their leisure, it’s a good idea they back up their saves to avoid the possibility of getting stuck in a lost dungeon.

Many of these chalice dungeons appear to be testing rooms tucked away for developers to implement new bosses or experiment with objects and lesser enemies. Glyph “2c8czh8h” leads to a massive dungeon packed with countless variations of enemy mobs and bosses, presumably used as a room to observe their AI behaviors. It has two unused enemies: a ghost that follows players and a pigman whose data was found earlier in the month. One dungeon found at glyph “g2xs4nmx” contains nothing but environmental assets and was likely used to test player interactions.


Bloodborne’s dedicated community of “tomb prospectors” have been delving into chalice dungeons throughout the year. This new information from dataminers confirms longtime suspicions that the game was hiding far more monsters in its dungeons’ murky depths than it originally seemed.