Bloodborne Fan Theory: The Doll Is Actually An Alien God

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Here’s a fun theory about Bloodborne that comes from someone who actually helped write the official Bloodborne guide. It postulates that maybe the kind, precious doll that takes care of us throughout the game isn’t who we think she is.


According to EpicNameBro, there’s good reason to reconsider the motivations behind the doll we find in the Hunter’s Dream. As he outlines in this walkthrough video, there are a few things to consider when it comes to the doll (spoilers for the end of the game follow!)

  • You need insight to see her/use her, just like Amygdala, a Great One.
  • She takes care of you, as if she were a mother, helping you become stronger and stronger—until eventually, you transcend form into a great one (provided you get the ending where you turn into a slug thing).
  • The game tells us that “every Great One loses its child, and then yearns for a surrogate.”
  • She can control blood echoes, which probably means she’s powerful.
  • When you damage the doll, the blood that spurts out is grey. You know...pale blood.
  • She can’t really die.

“She doesn’t seem to be just a doll,” EpicNameBro says.

You can listen to him make a case for this theory in this video around the 10:49 mark:

What do you think, are you convinced? The one wrench I can see in this whole thing is that we meet the “real” doll in the real Yharnam, but then again, the differences between all the planes of existence isn’t so clear-cut, is it? It’s not like the stuff that happens in the dream isn’t real. EpicNameBro also notes that you can still see the doll after you get the real ending, which probably suggests she’s real on some level, too, and not just an inanimate doll that’s sitting somewhere.



Out of all the Soul’s stories, with Dark Souls 1 being the most tragic and emotional, Bloodborne is definitely the most bizarre out-of-this-world story I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing in a game. It’s cool they went with a different beat for the narrative this time around, it’s straight up weird as shit Lovecraftian Cosmic horror. The narrative just slaps you in the face with this huge twist where you thought we was just facing a plague of beasts.

Can’t wait for the all the Lore discussions and videos.