The PC version of Cyanide Studios' adaptation of classic Games Workshop board game Blood Bowl is less than a week away, and all eight fantasy football teams are raring to go.

After a bit of legal wrangling over Cyanide's last fantasy football release, Chaos League, the developer and Games Workshop settled their differences, and Blood Bowl here is the result of their newfound friendship. The game features eight teams of fantasy football players - humans, orcs, dwarves, lizardmen, skaven, goblins, chaos, and wood elves - each bringing their own particular style and special moves to the field, either in real-time mode or the turn-based strategy mode, the latter of which emulates actual board game play.

They're now accepting pre-orders for the game in advance to its June 26th release, so if you are so inclined, head over to the official website for more info.

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