Blogging For Final Fantasy XV Sounds Really Tough

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Today on the Square Enix blog, Final Fantasy XV community manager Taji tells the story of his adventures to write an article on the Internet, which is something we here at Kotaku are intimately familiar with.


As Taji explains, he was sneaking around the FFXV office when he found an interesting-looking creature on one of the developer’s computer monitors. “This feels like a scoop!” he thought. But then, when he asked director Hajime Tabata if he could share a photo of the creature, Tabata said no. Not even under embargo!

Said Tabata: “The purpose of your blog is not to find scoops, but to build an ongoing relationship with the users. But so far, the blog isn’t very interesting, because we can’t tell what it is we’re supposed to enjoy. Throwing in new information isn’t going to help. So the answer is no.”


Hmmm. Taji was upset, so he went and educated himself a bit on 3D modeling, which you can read over at their blog. Then he went back to Tabata and had this heartbreaking conversation:

Mr. Tabata:

“You lack in writing ability... And any sense of structure... And the theme lacks focus.”

[*sigh* Oh, well. At least I gave it everything I had...]

Mr. Tabata:

“But you can show it.”

[Yes! I did it! I can show it to you! It was worth struggling for a week!]

Mr. Tabata:

“But on condition. Because we all have to work towards a goal.”

[...!? G-Goal...? (((; ゜Д゜)))]

Mr. Tabata:

“You have to get a combined 150 comments and likes.”

Taji, you don’t deserve this. Come work for Kotaku. I promise Totilo won’t make you hit any comment or like quotas.

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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

I remember ages ago, when not only did you have to be invited to Kotaku by a staff member to comment, but you had to interview from anywhere from a few weeks to a number of months by proving that you could bring good discourse to the table. The only folks who could see your comment were Kotaku Staff, higher ups at Gawker Media and Lord Denton himself.

I remember the post that got me released from limbo was a rather passionate rebuttal against the claim by a staff member that the PSP would eat Nintendo’s lunch. And it was Denton himself who approved me.