BlizzCon Costume Contest: Jay Mohr Craves Blue Elf Sex

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Comedian Jay Mohr was in rare form last night during the BlizzCon 09 costume contest, bringing new meaning to the phrase, "working blue."

The costume contest, much like the opening ceremonies earlier yesterday, was completely packed with Blizzard fans eager to see women painted blue, and the event did not disappoint. Drenai, Blood Elves, Night Elves, Gnomes, and the odd Dwarven female paraded across the stage, along with a handful of enemies from World of Warcraft, Space Marines from StarCraft 2, and a couple of concept art Wizards from Diablo III.

The star of the show, however, was host Jay Mohr, working a bit dirtier than the audience might have expected. Along with jabs at jocks ("I'm a gamer and a jock. I lose fights"), Canada ("America's Hat"), and the odd Christopher Walken impression, Mohr's best bit involved a running theme at BlizzCon - having sex with women painted blue.


Mohr joked that every man at the convention dreamed of sleeping with one of the "blue elf chicks", though only under the condition that they never break out of character. "You don't want them breaking into a Minnesota accent after you're done," he teased. "No no, you're a blue elf girl tonight. I want to wake up with blue paint on my stomach thinking, "I wonder if she was real?""

As for the contest itself, it was a pretty standard parade of Blizzard characters, reproduced with varying levels of proficiency. The three finalists were a rather well-done Kel'Thuzad, a human paladin played by a guy named Guido, and the Mistress of Pain, whose costume was clearly the winner, with her spider body and spiky teeth, which cause Mohr to question whether or not it was right to be turned on.

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I can completely see how he could be confused.

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How Jay Mohr came managed to become the 'guy' at the Blizzcon show sort of befuddles me. I've never actually associated him with gaming culture before, and my initial reaction to hearing he was heading up Blizzcon last year was like "...Why?" I mean, I can't speak how a job he does—the very thought of suffering through the sheer headache of actually getting a ticket so I can enter an exhibit inhabited by massive, swelling throngs of fans who are just one 'WoW sequel announced!' announcement short of a riot fills me with the kind of ancient dread reserved for the rise of the old ones, but... seriously, I want to hear the conversation that ended with 'so it's settled, Jay Mohr will be the face of Blizzcon.'