BlizzCon 2009 Comes To An End

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BlizzCon 2009 has come to a close, but our coverage will continue well into Monday, with interviews, hands-on impressions, pictures of stuff, and something very special from the man in this picture.


That, of course, is Ozzy Osbourne, this metal legend who set the crowd at BlizzCon's closing ceremonies on fire tonight, playing classic songs like "Iron Man", "Paranoid", "War Pigs", and of course, "Crazy Train." When he wasn't setting the crowd on fire, he was spraying them with a fire hose, or dumping water on them, or just basically being Ozzy, which is what he does best.

And check this out:

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I took that in the backstage area, while waiting for an interview with the man himself. Stay tuned to Kotaku for that interview and much more, once I actually figure out what Ozzy was saying.


I don't know, I agree with the bulk of people here when we say Ozzy has lost his edge. Do I wish him dead and gone? Hell no, he's still a rock legend no matter how you cut it. Do I think him performing at Blizzcon is one giant publicity move? yeah, even a deaf dumb and blind person could catch that one pretty quick.

I wonder if he still has the character Blizz gave him, or if he ever really played, or if any of the people they picked up to do the commercials ever truly played. Ah well.