by Lesley Smith

So the splash screen mystery has been solved, at least on the surface but embedded underneath the screen was a second file – a CSS file containing of all things an evil-looking purple penguin. As of writing, the reasons for this bird's inclusion. Fans of World of Warcraft instantly linked the bird to Wrath of the Lich King, especially as images of a penguin pet -– believed to either be the WWI pet or one from the Collector's Edition of the next expansion –- has been circulating on the interweb for nearly a month.


Journalists have been just as perplexed, even asking Jay Wilson about it during the EU press conference. Even he seemed genuinely unaware of why it was there. I made a point of asking both the EU and US PRs about the splash screen only to be answered with cagey denials, ‘I don't knows' and the instant classic ‘There is no penguin level'. But why go to so much trouble to place a hidden file if it didn't hold some significance? Theorists are going nuts and while the official word is still ‘this is Diablo III's day', Blizzard could still announce something at tonight's closing ceremony.

The question of the penguin is certainly something to be asked at this afternoon's interviews. We'll be sure to let you know if and when the mystery surrounding this ugly, hunchbacked bird is solved.