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"Yo momma plays Protoss at Starcraft" would make a devastating, if rather surreal riposte when playing the dozens. If Blizzard's Chris Sigaty gets his way, though, it could just be a perfectly acceptable thing to say because, you know, she might. Speaking to MTV Multiplayer, the game's producer made it clear that although Starcraft II was intended to please the hardcore audience that still flocks to the original game for its strategic depth, some effort was being made to open the game up to the more casual player. “We’ve trying to make sure that it’s perfectly balanced for e-sport," said Sigaty, "but look — I’m going to try to get my mom to play this game. I know she can’t [micromanage] at the level that these pro gamers can, so we’re actually experimenting back in the opposite direction… so that even the layman can come in and get a grasp of these cool things in the game.” Producer: ‘StarCraft II’ To Be Mom-Friendly [MTV Multiplayer]


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