Blizzard Unveiling Lich King cinematic, Details at Leipzig

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Mike McWhertor and Michael Fahey are jetting their way to German as we speak, so they can cover the antics and news of Games Convention. It was last year at Games Convention that I had my first chance to play a bit of StarCraft II. Unfortunately, this year's Blizzard showcase will not include hands-on with Diablo III. The good news is that Blizzard plans to unveil the opening cinematic movie for World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King at the big show. They also will be hosting a Q&A session following the airing on Thursday. Blizzard also plans to have more hands on time with StarCraft II and Lich King as well as other Q&A sessions with members of the StarCraft II and Diablo III teams. Make sure to check back here starting Wednesday for our in-depth and live coverage of the biggest and best public gaming show in Europe (personally, i think the world).


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When did they say no normalization? Either they are idiots or they didn't, but was it really such a surprise? If they doesn't do that, then what point is there doing the new dungeons and quests when you already are so massively superior?

And with such logic, casuals will never catch up, without leveling to 80, do old bc content and then start with wotlk content?

MMO inflation for that matter: Was that really a surprise as well? Tell me how to avoid that, I believe it's impossible.