Blizzard Took Out Tychus' Cigar In Heroes Of The Storm

StarCraft fans have long known Terran (read: human) hero Tychus Findlay as a cigar-chomping lovable grump. Sadly, Heroes of the Storm players will only get to know him as a lovable grump. That’s right: they put out the guy’s smoke.

Heroes of the Storm fans first discovered this glaring omission last night when Blizzard released a new trailer for its up-and-coming MOBA to commemorate the game’s entrance into open beta. It ended with a few premium character skin showcases, one of them being for “Prisoner Tychus”—a version of Tychus as he appears in his incarcerated getup, much like his role in the famous first teaser trailer for StarCraft 2:

Only one thing was missing all of a sudden:


Adding insult to injury was the fact that the Prisoner Tychus skin originally had a cigar:

Fans of the space marine haven’t been very happy with the new cigar-less Tychus:


And why would they be? Tychus’ cigar is practically canon! “Cigar” is even an entry in the StarCraft Wikia. Isn’t Heroes of the Storm supposed to be a piece of Blizzard fan-fiction?

Some disaffected Heroes players have speculated that the cigar’s removal has something to do with the game’s ESRB rating—which is currently T for Teen. The game’s ESRB page doesn’t mention any references to tobacco or tobacco usage—both of which are official “content descriptors” used by the ESRB when rating games, so they may very well be right. A Blizzard representative wasn’t available to comment on the cigar controversy this morning.


All I can say is: the removal of the cigar doesn’t bode well for diehard StarCraft fans curious about giving Heroes of the Storm a try.

“Gotta check SCII intro if Raynor is still drinking in bar,” one Heroes player said on a Reddit thread about the cigar removal. “I have a bad feeling about this.”


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