Blizzard Taps Razer For Official StarCraft II Gear

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Blizzard has teamed up with PC peripheral manufacturer Razer to create a line of tournament-grade accessories for next year's hottest real-time strategy title.


It's interesting that Blizzard is going to Razer to create official peripherals for StarCraft II, seeing as they've maintained and still maintain a strong relationship with the Steel Series folks. I suppose there's plenty of Blizzard to go around. Why Razer?

"Razer's high-quality gaming products have long been popular among our global community of players, and we're pleased to now be collaborating with them directly," said Paul Sams, chief operating officer of Blizzard Entertainment. "Through this partnership, we're looking forward to working with Razer to develop a line of peripherals that will complement the fast-paced action of StarCraft II."


Currently the only product Razer is showing is the nifty StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty messenger bag pictured here, but they've keyboards, mice, and headsets on the way, the last of which should be great for communicating over the internet with people you were supposed to be connected to via LAN.

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That was a nice jab there at the end about the lack of LAN support, Fahey. I wont lie and say I wont buy the game unless they add LAN but I'm still very disappointed about it's absence. I have 3 PCs on my home network(soon to be four when I build an HTPC within the month) and it would have been sweet playing locally with my roommate and friends. Oh well, I guess Blizzard only wants me to buy one copy of their game...