Blizzard Sues Shameless WarCraft Rip-Off

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There are a lot of mobile games out there ripping off Blizzard’s characters and series, but Glorious Saga is pretty bad even by those low standards.


As Polygon reports, Blizzard is suing the game’s creator, Sina Games, accusing it of wholesale theft of the characters from its own WarCraft series. “Every monster, creature, animal, and vehicle in the Infringing Game was copied from the Warcraft games,” Blizzard alleges. “Weapons, amulets, and other objects were taken straight from the Warcraft games, without pretense. Audio cues and sound effects from the Warcraft games were reproduced for the Infringing Game.”

If you’re wondering just how infringing an allegation of infringement can be, here’s some footage of Glorious Saga in action:

Pretty much every single thing there is from WarCraft. Blizzard is after $150,000 “per infringed work, as well as legal fees.

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Serious question. Are there in fact whales who will end up spending tens of thousands of dollars on shit games like this? Usually when I download some random game and it ends up being like this, I delete it within 2 minutes because it’s so fucking dumb. Who are these ultra-suckers who spend their life savings on garbage?