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Blizzard Still Working On Diablo II, Wants Your Input

Illustration for article titled Blizzard Still Working On Diablo II, Wants Your Input

Before Blizzard puts the final touches on Diablo III, which we expect within the next decade or so, it's patching up Diablo II. And Blizzard wants to know what you want to see addressed.


The official Blizzard forums are accepting your brilliant suggestions about what will make Diablo II ver. 1.13 a better experience than ver. 1.12.

According to Blizzard staffer "Bashiok," the developer's goal is "to get an overall sense of the single most important request from every member of the community." They really do mean everybody.


"We want as many posts as we can get for the largest cross section, so if you have friends who used to play Diablo II or just don't frequent the forums as much as you do, let them know this is here so we can get their '#1 patch note' too" reads the official call for ideas.

While Blizz is asking for one (and one thing only) that you'd like to see squeezed into the next content patch, that hasn't stopped Diablo II extensive wish lists from hundreds of posters.

Most are things like stat and skill respec options, bug fixes and the nerfing of certain spells and weapons. Supporting resolutions beyond 800 by 600 would be swell, according to many (including me). Your own suggestions are welcome over there (with maybe a copy and paste comment over here).

Diablo II 1.13 – Tell Us Your #1 Patch Note [Blizzard Forums - thanks, Rauno!]

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You know what turned me off in Diablo 2? That second city in the desert. I just don't like the desert/araibic setting in games. Not that I dislike the people, just the setting is something I've never latched onto.

Once we got into the dungeons again, it felt better, but I always crap out on the 2nd setting because it is agonizingly boring.

So, my suggestion: Paint the desert white and treat it like snow/ice. Of course the scorpions and other desert dwellers would need coats and mittens.