Blizzard’s Diablo/Starcraft/WoW Crossover Has a New Name

The game once known as Blizzard DOTA changed its name to Blizzard All-Stars after a dispute between heavyweight publishers Valve and Blizzard. Now, the Warcraft company has settled on a new name for the competitive online game. It’s going to be called Heroes of the Storm.


The trailer above debuts the MOBA game’s new name along with teasing the promise of more details at BlizzCon next month. Reports have said that some of the developers working on Blizzard’s long-brewing Project Titan have been re-assigned to Heroes of the Storm, a sign that things were ramping up on the free-to-play game. Seeing as how it features character pulled from each of Blizzard's three major brands, Heroes of the Storm needs to be a showcase piece for the company. Previous impressions of the game in an earlier form revealed a fast, brutal, strategy-centric experience where even the Queen of Blades can fall fairly quickly. Things have likely changed, though, and we’ll see just how much at BlizzCon.

First, Heart of the Swarm. Now, Heroes of the Storm. Seems like Blizzard has the HoTS for a certain acronym, huh? Sorry, Fahey made me do it.

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