Blizzard Rolls Out WoW Mobile Armory

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Clean those third-party World of Warcraft applications off of your iPhone or iPod Touch, because Blizzard's free official Mobile Armory application is go.


The World of Warcraft Mobile Armory takes all the functionality of the full armory website and places it at your fingertips. The iPhone app allows players to immediately access character, guild, and arena team information, read World of Warcraft news, check leaderboards, browse items drops by zone and dungeon, and even check their guild calendar to see if they can make it to the next Ulduar raid. There's even a nifty talent calculator so you can ponder re-speccing while sitting on the can. Now that's convenience!

What makes this different from the third-party World of Warcraft applications is that it actually ties to your account, requiring you enter your login and password to gain access to your information. It's really all the WoW iPhone application you'll ever need.



Wow was fun, but I just couldn't justify the time for it, anymore.

This is a neat iphone ap though. nice to be able to check guild schedules when your out and about.

it would be nice if you could in-game mail folks as well, but eh, thats a small thing.