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Yeah, all fanbases have their eccentricities. Halo fans can be...boisterous. Metal Gear fans can have...interesting ideas on what merits good story-telling. Smash Bros fans can be...well, again, boisterous. But as passionate as those groups are, they haven't got shit on Blizzard fans. Those guys are crazy. And Blizzard knows it. Rob Pardo:

I love our Blizzard fans, they're the best in the world. But they can get pretty angry...I've gotten sixteen-page diatribes.


Completely understandable. We can totally see how the same kind of energy they display scouring the source code of a splash marketing page can be misdirected as pure, white-hot nerd rage.


Blizzard: "Our Fans Can Get Pretty Angry" [Next-Gen]

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