Blizzard Not Happy With Enslaving Most of the Planet, Wants Recovering WoW Addicts Too

I know it's automated and probably pretty typical, but I was surprised to find an email from Blizzard sitting in my mailbox yesterday. I haven't played World of Warcraft since the game launched four years ago, haven't even thought about playing it. But yesterday Blizzard emailed to let me know that I've been "summoned back to Azeroth." And the best part, they're trying to get me back with the year-old Burning Crusade expansion, not Wrath of the Lich King. Just how far back in their database are they digging to try and entice players to return to the World of Warcraft? All the way I guess. And I'd bet that for a portion of the population it works. Though why would I care about level 30 mounts and a level 70 character cap when I didn't even come close to the original level cap of 60. What about you, all of you former World of Warcraft players? Have you kicked the habit only to be brought back into the fold by some extra leveling, new races and ten, count them TEN, free days of gaming?


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