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Blizzard: DRM For Diablo III? No, Thanks, We Have

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Rob Pardo, executive vice president of game design at Blizzard says that the company has "no particular plans" to institute software verification checks for Diablo III to prevent piracy. Pardo tells Wired's Game|Life blog that its solution is "more similar to Steam than EA," good news for Diablo fans who don't want a steaming pile of anti-piracy debacle a la Mass Effect on their hands. Blizzard's "solution" is, the service it launched in 1997 to handle its online gaming capabilities. "If you wanna play online on with other players you’re going to have to have a legitimate copy," Pardo said in a BlizzCon interview., he says, has "saved us from a lot of the PC piracy that I think hurts a lot of other single-player-only games." Q&A: Blizzard's Executive Vice President of Game Design Rob Pardo [Game|Life]