Blink and You'll Miss the First Footage From the Next Big BioWare Franchise

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Earlier this month Game Informer gave us the first dust-filled image from BioWare's mysterious new franchise. Now Spike delivers the first footage from the title, nearly three whole seconds that tell us absolutely nothing.


Anyone else feel like a Corona? Sure would hit the spot following that brief flash of something bad happening to some sort of vehicles. I'd pore over the footage more thoroughly but every time I reload, so does that ad, and we've not got that sort of time on our hands, what with the holiday coming up and all.

What I do see in both the artwork and the video are what look to be strange variations of military technology, much like the G.I. Joe toys I used to play with as a child. Based on that ridiculously flimsy premise, I'm calling it: BioWare is making G.I. Joe: The Video Game.


How wrong am I? Find out at the 2011 Video Game Awards Saturday December 10 at 8PM Eastern on Spike.

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Seoul Sister

Hey, I could stomach another modern soldier in the Middle East game if they just structured it like a classic RPG.

Get your party/unit together, walk through an Afghan town,

Quest Log:

Abdul-qahaar believes the Pashtun boys have vandalized his store and asks that you investigate.

The mayor would like you to speak to the Engineering Corps about drilling another well.

Cpt. Hawkins believes Taliban fighters are attacking convoys on the south road.

Discover the truth of your mysterious past and the strange rune carved into your helmet.

Something seems to be upsetting Phillips - maybe you should speak to him. [You must purchase the 'Phillips' Shameful Secret' DLC to continue this mission.]