Illustration for article titled Blindingly Hard Cult Classic Platformer emLa-Mulana/em is Getting a Sequel

Only problem is, they (as in Japanese indie developer Nigoro) don't have the money for it. Not all of it. Not yet. You can already guess where this is going.


Like its predecessor, La-Mulana 2 is going to be an archeology-themed free-roaming metroidvania platformer kind of business. Story-wise, it's five years in the future compared to La-Mulana, and you play as the daughter/younger sister (they don't make this clear) of the protagonist from the first game. Of course, there's a whole new set of ruins to explore, filled with treasures to plunder, secrets to uncover, and controller-shattering traps and monsters to conquer.


Yes, it's on Kickstarter, but: it's doing rather well! The campaign is currently growing steadily at $34k out of a required $200k. There are also stretch goals for amounts up to $2.7 million, which shows that the developer team has a fairly optimistic outlook. It's a good-looking game so far, so perhaps we should share in that optimism.

La-Mulana 2 [Kickstarter]

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