Blind Item: Which Celebrity Marriage Might End Over World of Warcraft?

Guessing game time. A married aging actress is rumored to have decided to end her celebrity marriage over that dirty, dirty mistress: World of Warcraft.

Via sister site, comes this BuzzFoto blind item:

This married/aging actress has put up with a lot throughout her celebrity marriage. She's practically raised the kids on her own, dealt with scandals and cheating and still managed to put on a happy face on the red carpet. Within this next year, she plans to finally leave her husband and make the divorce public. The current final straw? Not other women or drugs, but an addiction to World of Warcraft. We kid you not.

Not Catherine Zeta Jones.

Celebrity marriage, aging actress, husband is hardcore WoW. But, who?!

BuzzFoto Blind Item #228 [BuzzFoto via Gawker]


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