BlazBlue's New Beginner Mode Is A Button Masher's Dream

It might be crap for online play, but for a single-player button masher like me, nothing helps Taokaka bring down Boobie Lady faster than BlazBlue: Continuum Shift's Beginner Mode controls.


In case the video doesn't make it abundantly clear, I am not a very good fighting game player. I buy a fighting game and tell myself I am going to pick a character and learn them inside-and-out, inevitably giving up and just button mashing my way through the single-player story mode.

The first console BlazBlue game, Calamity Trigger, made this difficult for me. The controls are so far removed from what I am used to, that even getting through story mode proved a chore. The latest release, Continuum Shift, takes care of this problem with Beginner Mode controls.

Beginner Mode was created so even the most novice player can look like they know what they are doing. Combos are single button affairs, and mashing them relentlessly, as I do in both rounds in the video, generates significantly more spectacular results.

At this point I've almost completed the story mode for all of the game's characters. I've suffered a few defeats, but all-in-all it's been simple.

The downside is that Beginner Mode controls keep you from accessing many of the game's advanced mechanics. Of course these are skills and tactics I probably wouldn't have been able to master in the first place, so no big loss for me.

And before the comments section fills up with comments about how much I suck, I am fully aware of this. I admire players who have the patience and dexterity to master fighting games. Hell, I fear them, especially after seeing that bitch-ass ho video earlier this week.


I'm just glad that Arc System Works included a control mode like this, so novices like me can still enjoy the storyline and characters without having to worry about getting our asses handed to us at every turn.



My God I'm sorry Mike, but ugh. That was painful to watch for a BlazBlue player like me.

If anything Beginner Mode will ruin any fighting game skills one might have.