Blaster Master Rolls Into Super Mario Bros. Crossover's Next Update

Well, that's one way to get rid of the Hammer Brothers. If blasting away at everyone with Lance's spread-fire wasn't enough overwhelming firepower, SOPHIA the 3rd from Blaster Master will arrive in late November.


SOPHIA will have almost all of her abilities from the game, reports Crossover creator Jay Pavlina, but will be the first character to have limited ammo. "In order to shoot homing missiles, the player will have to collect ammo from defeated enemies," Pavlina writes. Dying resets your ammo counter to zero. Getting an invincibility star gives SOPHIA unlimited missiles and hover for its duration.

Pavlina says the game hits in late November. Much more info through the link.

Super Mario Bros. Crossover - SOPHIA the 3rd Trailer [explodingrabbit, thanks Jason K.]

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Honest question: Why hasn't nintendo shut this guy down yet?