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Blank N64 Cartridge Challenges Your Manhood [Updated]

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Meanwhile, in the make-believe land of eBayia, someone's auctioning a "mysteriously blank Nintendo 64 cartridge" - promising only that the game works and doesn't suck. "Are you man enough to buy a label-less N64 game?" No, but Saxton Hale is!

"Yes, this game is missing its labels, leaving the games identity indiscernible. However, everything else about the cartridge is perfect," says seller urb4nz0mb13. "You are bidding on THE CARTRIDGE WITH NO NAME."

The seller says he left a hint to the game's identity on the page, and we see that - displayed in white text - the clue is " The buy it now price is the year it was released." Well, since the bidding has gone up to $22.01, and I doubt Skynet sent this thing back in time, we no longer know what that is. However, late yesterday he felt compelled to file this update: "NOTE: This game is not shitty." Well, if you say so!


Update: Well, the interest in this item - which likely is Super Smash Bros. as many have pointed out - has driven up the bid price to $77. That's high enough that the seller is promising to send 20 percent of the final sale price to Child's Play, the charity that provides hospitalized children with video games and other toys. The auction ends in about six days.

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