Blacksmithing In The Elder Scrolls Online Is Complicated

In other massively multiplayer online role-playing games, blacksmithing involves find a forge in town and clicking about a bit. In The Elder Scrolls Online, you've got to kill some tigers first.

Well, you don't have to kill the tigers. You could probably just bypass them altogether and run for the dungeon entrance, or have someone else kill them. Either way, there are f***ing tigers involved in this process, which makes it 100 times better than its non-tigery counterparts.

Don't believe me? Brush your teeth. Now brush your teeth with tigers. I rest my case.

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Question: Can I play this like it's Skyrim (alone)?

Because I always wanted other real people in Skyrim, I just wanted to ignore them.

And does anybody think it's possible down the road or currently for modders to turn Skyrim into an MMO? Like, if it was public domain and somebody had a bunch of servers?