For your viewing pleasure, here's seven minutes of gameplay footage from Black Prophecy, Reakktor Media's answer to the massively multiplayer online space shooter.

Black Prophecy is a 3D real-time combat space MMO that takes place in a dark universe crafted by German science fiction author Michael Marrak. The game premiered during the 2007 Game Convention in Leipzig, after which I hadn't heard much about it. Since then they've built up a website with a community and even a place to sign up for the upcoming beta test.

For years, fans of fast-action space combat have had to sit on the sidelines of the online community, making due with EVE Online, a brief stint with the now-dead Earth and Beyond, and a few Korean games that mean well but just don't do it for us. Now we've got Black Prophecy and Net Devil's Jumpgate on the horizon. It's definitely a good time to be a space cowboy.