Black Ops PS3 Bundle Coming in Three Weeks

Illustration for article titled emBlack Ops/em PS3 Bundle Coming in Three Weeks

A pair of retail sources informs Kotaku that a Call of Duty: Black Ops PlayStation 3 bundle will be available in North America on May 24. The unit—which features a 160 GB hard drive—lists for $299.99 USD.


Kotaku has reached out to representatives of Activision and Sony Computer Entertainment. Any comment will be updated here.

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That means the PSN will have to be back in at least......three weeks!!!

Now that's a relief!!!

Anyways, I'd say it's kind of pointless, but nothing is when you're talking about the game with the biggest online community around.

Despite loving the CoD franchise, Black ops was a personal disappointment. I'm eager for the next Modern Warfare as I am with the "new" challenger, Battlefield 3. And no, not for multiplayer.

At least not in MW 3.