Black Ops' First Downloadable Content Is Oscar Mike

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The first downloadable content for Call of Duty: Black Ops has been revealed. It'll go on sale on the Xbox 360 on February 1, and cost $15.

The DLC comes in the form of a multiplayer map pack, containing four "regular" levels and one for the game's zombie mode.

Two of the regular maps are based on locations from the singleplayer campaign — Hong Kong and the Arctic Circle - while the other two take in Cold War locations we're surprised the game didn't visit first time around: the Berlin Wall and an ice hockey stadium.


As we all know, Microsoft struck a deal with publishers Activision for Black Ops' downloadable content to appear on the Xbox 360 first. So 360 owners, you'll get the pack on February 1, everyone else...well, there are plenty of things you can spend $15 on in the meantime that have a little more substance to them.


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I can't help but think that all these comments hating on CoD are from the gamers who absolutely blow at it.

They get owned so they hate it.

Just sayin'