Black Mesa, Nine Other Games Get Greenlit On Steam

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Highly-anticipated Half-Life remake Black Mesa will come to Steam thanks to the Greenlight program, Valve said today. So will nine other games, with more to come.


Here's a list of the first ten titles that have been accepted on Steam's Greenlight:

  • Black Mesa
  • Cry of Fear
  • Dream
  • Heroes & Generals
  • Kenshi
  • McPixel
  • No More Room in Hell
  • Project Zomboid
  • Routine
  • Towns

"The Steam community rallied around these titles and made them the clear choice for the first set of titles to launch out of Greenlight," Valve's Anna Sweet said in a press release. "Since launch, hundreds of titles have been submitted, with more coming in every day. We expect to be announcing more titles coming to Steam via Greenlight soon."

Greenlight, a new program designed by Valve in order to crowdsource the publishing of indie games on Steam, allows you to vote on which titles you'd like to see distributed on the popular digital network. You can vote for games that look interesting here.

Black Mesa has been in development for a whopping eight years. Earlier this month, the people behind it said they'd finally release a first version of the game on September 14.



And all the people who said that BM would never become reality are forced to jump off a cliff... know, the cliff from HL, right after you come out of that pipe? Yeah...that one.