Black Knight Producer Explains Sword-Swinging Sonic: "Preposterous"

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Sonic Team Producer Tetsu Katano is the man to blame if you're not happy with Sonic and the Black Knight. It was his idea to slap a sword in the hands of a hedgehog.

...after a sequence of sleepless nights that my boss came up to me and casually dropped on me the newss [sic] that it would be up to me to think of an idea for "the next one (in the Storybook series)".

After much struggle that gave me both pain and joy, I finally decided to throw Sonic into a world of sword and magic. I confess that I've always wanted to see Sonic holding a sword.


Black Knight has our hackneyed hero hurtling through the realm of King Arthur, hacking and slashing while still trying to grab every gold ring between him and the finish line. Critics aren't liking the sword mechanics, mostly on account of the waggle-prone motion controls, but also because it just doesn't make sense for Sonic to have a sword.

Katano is aware of that — but it didn't stop him from making it the main part of the game:

Perhaps most challenging was to make Sonic have a sword. I had to hold on to the Sonicness. If he loses that as a result of having sword, then it would be preposterous.

To be fair, I think Sonic lost his "Sonicness" long ago. Like when he made out with a human. If bestiality isn't preposterous, I don't know what is.

Sonic and the Black Knight - The Producer Speaks! [Sega America Blog]


Sam Scott Given

what pisses me off is just why can't Sega just make a good 2D sonic game? I mean we hear all the jokes and all the fan rage yadda yadda yadda, but really why doesn't Sega just come out and say: "this is why we make 3D Sonic games and not 2D"

forget this "preposterous" crap, stop it with the storybook saga, and no more bestiality. just make a GOOD sonic 2 or even 2.5D! I just don't understand the business strategy.

I remember when Unleashed was first shown and people shat bricks at the 2.5D wicked fast blast from the past. then more details came out and it was made into more of another sucky 3D sonic. wtf.