Sooo.. The Kotaku bullshit alarm has been flashing a code amber since we got a tip about, but.. well, we just don't know. The site purports to be a protest against Spore and its 'attack on Christian values' and consists of several Creature Creator movies of Penis Monsters and other Spore grotesques, alongside posts about what the author claims is the game's pro-evolutionary agenda and corrupting influence on children. Oh, and the fact that Will Wright is Evil.Our first thought was "Ha! A clever satire on religious censorship and the intelligent design debate!" quickly followed by, "hang on, it's quite deadpan for satire, isn't it?" I initially thought it might be some kind of quite funny, reverse-psychology marketing campaign.. but then I got to the bit about the Episcopalian Church being a 'perverted church' that endorses homosexuality and it seemed.. less funny. The irony is that Spore is only nominally 'about' Evolution. If anything you as a player are an Intelligent Designer. Do you see? It is teaching the controversy! Anti Spore -Resisting EA's War on Creationism [Thanks to Scott Owens for the tip]


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