The maker of Dragon Age and Mass Effect has ended its online countdown clock teasing, revealing something that isn't a new game, isn't a batch of fresh downloadable content and isn't a port of Mass Effect 2. It's the BioWare Bazaar.


The BioWare Bazaar isn't a new game feature, it's simply a chance for fans of Mass Effect, Dragon Age: Origins and the developer itself to win free stuff. Some 400-plus items will be up for "auction" starting April 6th, with BioWare fanatics scoring real world goodies through the acquisition of tokens. Those tokens can be won by competing in challenges posed by the @biofeed Twitter account. Keep in mind, though, that this contest is limited to the U.S., minus Florida and New York.

The prizes range from mouse pads to Mass Effect and Dragon Age branded PCs, some of which are valued in the thousands. Head over to BioWare's social networking site—you'll need to register to compete—to get the finer details.

Aren't you glad you didn't get the least bit excited by this latest countdown clock?

BioWare Bazaar [BioWare]

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