BioWare's Anthem Officially Delayed To 2019

Illustration for article titled BioWare's Anthem Officially Delayed To 2019

EA said today that BioWare’s Anthem will be out in early 2019, confirming our report last week that the upcoming multiplayer action game will not make it this year.


“It’s not a delay,” EA’s Blake Jorgensen told the Wall Street Journal, despite the publisher previously announcing the game for a “fall 2018" release. Merriam-Webster defines “delay” as “the act of postponing, hindering, or causing something to occur more slowly than normal.”

The coming year will be critical for BioWare. The prestigious RPG developer has essentially become a one-game studio as it works on Anthem, and pressure is mounting. For more, read our story from last week.


The thing I don’t understand here is why BioWare is breaking off onto a project that is (ostensibly; I may be ill-informed) designed to compete with Destiny.

BioWare was at its best with KOTOR, Mass Effect (prior to Andromeda—or the end of 3—and yes, I’m an ME 3 end growler), and Dragon Age. What the hell do they need to get into the “FPS with RPG lite elements” arena for—particularly when there’s significantly better-established competition already occupying the arena?

This whole thing reeks of “some junior executive pushed this to advance their portfolio, and now the whole thing’s fucked.”