BioWare Gives All 400 Protest Cupcakes to Charity

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As promised, 400 cupcakes commissioned as a protest against the conclusion of the Mass Effect trilogy arrived at developer BioWare's offices today.


They were not, however, gobbled up by BioWare employees.

Writing on the company's forums, Chris Priestley says that while "we appreciate creative and thoughtful" acts of feedback, "we decided ultimately the reason that they were sent was not done in the context of celebrating the work or ccomplishment of the Mass Effect 3 team."

As a result, instead of eating them all up, BioWare donated all 400 cupcakes to a local youth shelter. Where, presumably, after picking their colours and finishing their last bite, the kids were left wondering whether their choice had really been that important, and if somebody could please come in an explain what the hell just happened.

Cupcakes [BioWare]



Sorry to repeat myself, but every time this story rears its head I can't help but feel, like a lot of you:

unless comissioned from the outset and agreements were made alongside the exchange of money for services, the consumers of a creative product- be it a movie, game, book, piece of art- do not get to dictate the end result based on their own personal tastes, nor to they have any 'right' to see it changed. If you don't like it, then that's too bad. Life sucks.

If you paid your money and commissioned the game, then found yourself with a product that wasn't what you ordered, you'd have a point. But buying Mass Effect 1 and 2 (finished products), then complaining because you don't like the ending, really, is nonsense. Had the game been a huge pile of crap that wasn't worth the money you spent, then fine, you can rant and rave and argue that you want your money back, but protesting the ending and demanding it be changed!? Yeah, I'm sure J K Rowling would have recalled her final 'Harry Potter' book had the fans been upset that character X died or the ending did not 'answer enough questions'...*


End of rant. Sorry to those who've heard it before / have said the same thing. I just hope this goes away now.