BioWare Drops Mind-blowing Mass Effect 2 Player Stats

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Developer BioWare has revealed some fascinating statistics mined from players of Mass Effect 2. Unsurprising may be the fact that 80% of players chose a male Commander Shepard for their avatar. Perhaps unbelievable is how long some played the thing.


According to a report from IGN citing data from BioWare, some Mass Effect 2 players spent upwards of 66 hours meandering through a single playthrough of the sci-fi RPG epic. Impressive, if somewhat mysterious, but not as impressive as the folks who played through Mass Effect 2 an astounding 23 times.

Four Xbox 360 players did that, according to BioWare. They were out-hardcored by two PC gamers who dedicated their lives to beating Mass Effect 2 an outstanding 28 separate times.


There are a handful of other interesting stats culled from the Mass Effect 2 crowd, such as a shockingly low number of conversations skipped and a higher than expected number of Mass Effect save imports. More about how BioWare is using this data at IGN's interview with executive producer Casey Hudson.

Crazy Mass Effect 2 Stats and What They're Used For [IGN - thanks, dracosummoner!]

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What the hell. It's not even that good of a game, and there isn't even enough content to play it for 66 hours.