BioShock: Infinite Has Never Looked Better

Comic book artist Alex Garner had so much fun with his Portal 2 fan piece that he decided to do his own take on upcoming game BioShock: Infinite.


The result pays homage to the iconic Saturday Evening Post covers of illustrator J.C. Leyendecker.

"But after drawing my layout, I discovered that the smart folks at Irrational Games had ALREADY done this concept with a few Post parody Game Informer covers," Garner wrote on his DeviantArt page. "But to me they didn't look particularly like Leyendecker's art, who had such a distinctive style, so I said screw it and just moved forward with my original design.

"Now, my version doesn't necessarily look like Leyendecker's stuff either (i.e. no where near as good), but I did try make it recognizable as such in the very least while still throwing in my personal stylistic touches."

And those touches look great, just great.

BioShock [DeviantArt via SvaltGamized]

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