System Shock 3? BioShock 3? SWATshock? Ken Levine Dating Simulator? The next game from Irrational Games, makers of BioShock, will be revealed next week. Irrational's new podcast has some fun with the guesses.

Irrational Games, the Massachusetts-based developed studio headed by Ken Levine and largely responsible for BioShock, System Shock, SWAT 4, and Freedom Force, has been as quiet as a corpse about their next project since the 2007 release of BioShock. The studio will break their silence next week with a live demo for press in New York (Kotaku included, of course) and a CG trailer making its debut on August 12.

Irrational fans have been guessing what the next game will be for some time. Some of those guesses — including something that is almost a SWAT 5 rap — are featured on today's new Irrational Behavior podcast.

Irrational Behavior Episode 7 Part 1: Calm Before The Storm