BioShock Creator Working On An "Original Title"

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We still don't know what BioShock creator Ken Levine is working on, but we know what he's not working on, and it's not a new X-Com game.


In a business piece in the LA Times today, Take-Two boss Strauss Zelnick tells the paper that Levine was "freed" from having to work on BioShock's sequel, so that he could work on an "an original title that could become another franchise."

Seeing as X-Com already is a franchise, it rules that out. Rules out a new game in any series he's done before. So, something new it is, then!


Earlier this year, Levine said we'd find out sometime in 2010 just what it is, exactly, that he and his team have been toiling on over the past few years.

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So it's not a new X-COM, and if I hear correctly it's a multiplayer-focused shooter.

God damn it all, this is a terrible morning for gaming news. I'm going back to bed. :[