BioShock 2 Trailer Makes Everything Better, Wetter, Deader

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"Siren Alley," as this is titled, gives you a two-minute glimpse of the weapons and plasmids you'll wield in the single-player mode of BioShock 2.


The gameplay shows the firepower; the cinematics show a suspense factor to match. And pay attention to the final title card. Of course it'd behoove you to check back here on Thursday, because when an embargo breaks, we fix it!

Siren Alley Trailer [GameTrailers]


From everything I've seen so far of this game I'm probably going to end up pretending that it doesn't exist. To me, Bioshock was in a different league then a lot of other games. It's environment, the detail, the plot, everything about it was nearly perfect. It's not a "game" in a "game sense", its not about multiplayer and wracking up kills and blowing shit up with fancy weapons. It focused on exploration, creepy narrative and some subtle themes. I'm a huge fan of the game but was burnt out just on the first play through. It's one of "those". A "There Will Be Blood" if you will. Great movie, but it's one you watch once every year or two.

To me, making a sequel to this game is the equivalent of making a sequel to something like the Wizard of Oz, you just don't do it. If you do, why revisit the exact same world all over again? It already looks done. #bioshock2