Bionic Commando Delayed, Coming "Early 2009"

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Speaking with Capcom's Ben Judd and GRIN's Ulf Andersson today at TGS, we learned that Bionic Commando - which is playable on the showroom floor - won't be out in 2008. Instead, it's been delayed to early 2009. Or, as they put it, "very eeeeaaaarrrlllyyy 2009". That's the console versions, too; the PC version might be out at the same time, it might not, Andersson saying that version's date is "up to marketing".

The PC is always a slippery slope because of piracy, stuff like sorting out DRM, making sure we don't have too little or too much. But also because we want to make sure it doesn't feel like a port, so we can add a little extra polish to the PC version.


Sad, no? Still, "early 2009" isn't as far away as it used to be.



I loved Bionic Commando Rearmed and want to play this new game. But Im totally hating the main character's design. After Rearmed loveable, funny, kickass and totally rad Rad Spencer with his short orange hair and glasses I take a look at this braided dude and kinda looks like a homeless amputated guy.

Gawd, I do totally hate the main character.... and it doesnt look like he'll be hilarious to hear talking like Rad SPencer.