Bill Clinton's Cat Starred In An Unreleased Video Game (That's Coming Back)

Socks, Bill & Hillary Clinton’s actual cat, died in 2009. He’s never coming back. But a video game starring the lil’ guy, which was developed for the SNES, never released and assumed lost, might soon be making a comeback.

As digboston reports, game collector Tom Curtin and retro publisher Adam Welch have managed to get hold of a prototype of the game—called Socks the Cat Rocks The Hill—and are raising funds on Kickstarter to get it published. And while there will be digital copies available, they’ll also be printing the game on cartridges that will work on a SNES.

While Socks the Cat was never released, it was completed, with the prototype playable from beginning to end (the game was even shown off at CES in early 1993). It did have some game-breaking bugs, however, so they hired a programmer to clean it up, then paid an artist to create some authentic cover art and a manual.


Despite the character’s Democratic roots, the game is apparently focused on taking the piss out of all aspects of American governance,if that was ever going to be a problem for you. Provided you can remember all the 90s references it makes along the way, anyway.

You can back it here.

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