There are tons of SF fighting tournaments. So what makes the Street Fighter IV National Tournament special? It's the biggest live fighting game event ever, that's what.

Capcom USA has joined forces with retailer GameStop and fighter tourney EVO Championship Series for this nationwide tournament, which kicks off February 21st at literally gajillions of GameStops across America.

The second round gets underway February 28th at regional GameStop stores, and the winners advance to the March 14th semi-finals. The sixteen finalists that emerge will be flown to the finals in San Francisco on April 18th for some SF in SF action. Finalists will also get Mad Catz SFIV sticks and pads, limited edition tourney belts and a spot in the semi-final bracket of the EVO World Finals in Las Vegas.

Here's what is at stake: The winner of the SFIV National Tournament scores an official Street Fighter IV arcade cabinet.

Click over to the GameStop link below for in-store tournament locations.

SFIV National Tournament [GameStop via Capcom]