Big-Time Doom Fans React To Yesterday's Doom Reveal

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We didn't see the new Doom that was shown exclusively to Quakecon attendees in Dallas this week. You probably didn't either. But all the people in a video shot by the folks at the unofficial Quakecon Forums did.

They just saw it minutes before this video was recorded, and they were pumped. Skip to 50 seconds to get to the reactions. A baby supposedly clapped for the first the new Doom!

Language NSFW, not surprisingly.

Video from the Quakecon Forums, via NeoGAF. Good spotting, Shinobi!

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Petey Wheatstraw The Devil Son in law

Read this on gameinformer and got very pumped. Seems to be finishers in the game.

"The demo quickly turned into a slaughter with demons getting shot up and then torn to shreds. Skulls were crushed, jaws were ripped in half, heads stomped from above, arms completely torn off, necks snapped, bodies kicked over railings, and in one memorable case, a heart ripped out of a giant demon's chest and punched down its own throat, where it then exploded."