Big Sisters Stalk Onto BioShock 2

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A sleek, female version of the lumbering Big Daddy that menaced players in the original BioShock will be featured in the sequel to the well-received shooter, sources tell Kotaku.


We've heard that this Big Sisters will be an amazonian version of the Big Daddy, wearing similar, though svelter, gear.

Earlier this week, the teaser site for BioShock 2 went live. There' launched with pictures of a doll found on the beach. At first glance, the doll looks like a Big Daddy, but there are some minor differences, and the description found with the doll describe the abductor as tall and fast.

On Friday, the site updated with images of shoe prints, in the corner you can see a pink ribbon.

With the pre-release campaign for the game heating up and the Game Developers Conference only weeks away, there's a good chance we'll be hearing more about the Big Sisters and what role they might play in the game.

At the very least we should catch a glimpse of her, if she's real, during the first look at the game during GDC.



It feels like they're making a family ...

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