Big JRPG news: Trails of Cold Steel III is coming to PS4 in North America this fall. Here’s the twist: This one is published by NIS America rather than XSEED, which published the previous two Cold Steel games. That’s a bit worrisome, given the nuanced writing in Trails games and NISA’s previous work with Ys VIII, whose localization it had to redo completely. Hopefully NISA doesn’t make the same mistake twice.


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People on Twitter are saying that NISA is bringing back the localization team that did the first two games at XSeed, so hopefully that’s true.

If nothing else, I’m sure no one at NISA wants a repeat of the PR clusterfuck that was Ys VIII, so presumably this localization will at least go through the same level of scrutiny as Danganrompa or Disgaea.