Big Hero 6 Makes for Touching Flipbook Animation

Tekken, the Japanese comedian named after the fighting game, is back with another flipbook animation. This time, it's for Disney's Big Hero 6.


The spot is part of the movie's promotional campaign. But, like Tekken's other work, it's surprisingly touching and sweet.

『ベイマックス』鉄拳「パラパラ漫画」オリジナルPV [Disney@YouTUbe]

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Beautifully done. Interesting that they're calling it "Baymax" instead of "Big Hero 6." Personally, I'm bothered that Disney erased or minimized nearly all references to it being originally a Marvel property in this film (except for a couple of mentions in the credits)- and even though it's Disney-branded, it's definitely set up as a Marvel film, complete with the cameo of our favorite recurrent Marvel cameo person, and the excellent post-credits scene (which features him in a terrific meaty role). It's a wonderful film regardless, and I loved it.