Big Ben's Suspension Gets the Madden Treatment

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We won't be seeing Ben Roethlisberger until at least Week Six of the NFL season. In Madden NFL 11 the embattled quarterback is available from day one. That doesn't mean EA Sports is going to tout him in the screenshots.


A star once held in high regard, before allegations of sexual assault at a Georgia college bar this March, Big Ben appears out of focus in one screen and in the huddle in another. Sends a pretty clear message to me.

Fittingly, he's playing against the Browns, the earliest possible real life game in which he could appear this season. Commissioner Roger Goodell handed Roethlisberger a six-game suspension for his off-the-field conduct, with the possibility that's lowered to four games. Pittsburgh has a bye after its first four games, then the Browns at home on Oct. 17.

Get the rest of your AFC North and AFC South goodness in this 46-image gallery EA Sports released today. Next week we'll start seeing the NFC.



Roethlisberger was quoted saying this about the incident: "That's what I hate about these college girls man,

I get fined,

they get paid a great wage."