Biff Tannen's Special Tournament Edition Gives You All the Conference Champions Right Now!

Hey, are you a sports fan on the go? Who has time these days to watch the big game, or bother with messy DVR, or boring highlight shows? With Biff Tannen's Sports Almanac, we'll give you the weekend's biggest matchups before they happen, thanks to these highly accurate peer-reviewed scientific simulations of sports video gaming's finest titles. Biff Tannen's Sports Almanac appears Fridays on Sportaku.

Note: Information presented for entertainment purposes only. If you consult video games for sports betting advice, seek help.


Hey, buttheads, today we're going with an all-college basketball version of the Sports Almanac, as the major conferences will crown their champions this weekend and, of course, the sport attracts the most betting action at the moment. So, Europeans and soccer fans, please disregard everything I'm about to tell you and go straight to complaining in the comments below. What, I simulate 24 games for you and all you've got for me is lite beer?

College Basketball

Simulated using College Hoops 2K8


Friday quarterfinals:
Virginia Tech 62, Duke 61
Florida State 69, Miami 62

Saturday semifinals:
North Carolina 81, N.C. State 65
Florida State 89, Virginia Tech 69

Sunday final:
Florida State 69, North Carolina 55

Big East

Friday semifinals:
Syracuse 63, Cincinnati 61
Louisville 78, Notre Dame 73

Saturday final:
Syracuse 90, Louisville 74

Big Ten

Friday quarterfinals:
Michigan 74, Minnesota 54
Ohio State 89, Purdue 56

Saturday semifinals:
Wisconsin 80, Michigan State 70
Ohio State 74, Michigan 70

Sunday final:
Ohio State 70, Wisconsin 69

Big 12

Friday semifinals:
Kansas 71, Baylor 69
Missouri 83, Texas 80

Saturday final:
Kansas 82, Missouri 59


Friday semifinals:
Arizona 85, Oregon State 84
Colorado 82, California 72

Saturday final:
Colorado 56, Arizona 55


Friday quarterfinals:
Ole Miss 64, Tennessee 61
Georgia 68, Vanderbilt 61

Saturday semifinals:
Kentucky 79, Florida 64
Georgia 82, Ole Miss 55

Sunday final:
Kentucky 91, Georgia 64

Gang, we will have a special Bracketologist Biff edition once the NCAA Tournament field reaches 64 next week. Look for it Wednesday evening on Sportaku!


Biff's record: 4-3 last week; 9-14 lifetime. That's about as dumb as a screen door on a battleship.

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