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Bidding On Rare — and Factory Sealed — NES Cart Already Tops $15K

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Remember the mom who sold an NES for $13,000 because it happened to include the ultra-rare Stadium Events? Well, a factory-sealed copy is now on eBay, and with eight days to go bidding is above $16,000.

Let's recap: Previously on L.A. Law ... Stadium Events was a game that had a tiny NTSC release to just a few select markets in North America in 1987 and 1988 for a variety of reasons, chiefly because Nintendo later bought the rights to the Power Pad (which controlled the game) and all remaining stock was presumed destroyed. According to the game's Wikipedia entry, only 10 complete specimens (the game and the box) are known to exist and of these, only one is factory sealed. As Yoda might say, "No, there is another."


The seller says she bought it more than 20 years ago at a store in a Kansas City suburb, realized she couldn't play it without the control mat, and then when she went to buy one, found they'd all been pulled back because of the Nintendo deal. She kept it sealed thinking she'd return it, but never did.

The seller says she "saw that one lady sell her system and games for what she did," went and rooted around in her basement and discovered she'd "hit gold!"


As of writing, 47 bids have been placed, the current leader is $16,300. The auction ends a week from tomorrow, so when this sells we'll follow up.

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