Back before Michael Jackson was accused of molesting children, before he started losing money and before his face started melting off, the King of Pop enjoyed the simpler things in life.

Things like owning a SEGA R360 arcade cabinet. The R360 is an early 1990s air combat sim that rotates 360 degrees. The deluxe cabinet included a safety restraints, an emergency stop button and an attendant station. Check out the cabinet in action.


This April, Michael Jackson's personal R360 is up on the auction block. The auction is being held by Julien's Auctions at the Beverly Hills HIlton. The auction's guide price lists the cabinet is listed between US$4,000 - $6,000. Other items from Michael Jackson's collection include a life-sized Superman statue, a golf cart with a painting of Jacko as Peter Pan on the hood and a buncha other memorabilia.

During the 1990s, Michael Jackson had a working relationship with SEGA, co-developing Michael Jackson's Moonwalker and appearing in the Space Channel 5 games. The relationship soured as Jackson's image was tarnished by molestation charges.

Update: Jacko's Ms. Pac-Man cabinet is also going up on the auction block. Thanks James for the heads up!

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